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About to Have a Baby? How Should You Buy Diapers?

Expectant mothers have prepared supplies for their babies after birth since the third trimester of pregnancy. In addition to clothing and toiletries, they must also prepare diapers. It can be said that they have been on the way to stock up from diaper wholesale supplier.

The baby's skin is very delicate and needs more careful care. Therefore, new parents should choose environmentally friendly disposable diapers for their babies more carefully. However, many new parents are inexperienced and don't know how to stock up. How to choose? Stock up to follow the following principles.

1. Do not stock up on small-sized diapers

Babies grow very fast, and the size of diapers must be larger and larger, so you need to buy larger sizes. Prepare full pull up diaper in 1-2 years.

Moreover, the baby wearing tight diapers will have a certain impact on the body; and the baby diapers are bought too big, at least they will be used in the future.

2. Buy diapers with reference to your baby's physical development

Due to different genes and feeding methods, babies will have different development speed and body shape. Therefore, parents and mothers should make timely adjustments according to the baby's physical development, and choose diapers of suitable size and tightness.

Do not store too many diapers of the same type, such as babies who are big and grow fast, and pay attention to changing diapers one size larger in time.

3. Buy unused diapers in small quantities

Before deciding which diaper is suitable for your baby, talk to family and friends, or communicate with mothers online to see which brands they have used and how they rated them.

Then, you might as well collect more samples of different brands of diapers, and let your baby try them out to see which one is more suitable for your baby's skin, and then stock up.

Don't try to discount or induce businessmen to stock up on the baby's unused baby diapers in large quantities.

In addition, the price/performance ratio should also be considered when hoarding goods. Although it is usually better to look at the more expensive ones, it is not necessary to use the price as the only criterion. It mainly depends on whether the baby is comfortable.

Diapers are a good helper for parents, but after novice parents have a good grasp of the amount and size of diapers, they should also consider the health of the baby, that is, the quality and function of the diapers.

When you first start using diapers for your baby, you should pay special attention to allergies. No matter how good diapers are, different babies may have allergies due to physical problems.

Also consider whether there will be red butt, the appearance of red butt may be caused by allergies, or it may be caused by poor quality of diapers, or not replaced in time.

Bao Ma should carefully observe what causes the red butt and avoid it to prevent it from happening again. Finally, Bao Ma must remember not to be cheap and buy low-quality baby diapers produced by small factories without after-sales guarantee.

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