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Bowlegs and Diapers!

When the baby was born, grandma prepared a lot of soft diapers for the baby, saying that the cloth diapers have good air permeability; the mother wants to use diapers for the baby, saying that the baby sleeps well.

Dad, one head and two big ones, asked the expert: Is it better to use cloth diapers for the baby? Or eco friendly disposable diapers?

1. What is the difference between diapers and cloth diapers?

When the baby sleeps at night, frequent changing of diapers will disturb the baby's sleep. Compared with traditional diapers, the biggest convenience of diapers is that they do not need to be changed frequently, so that the baby wakes up less at night, sleeps continuously at night for a long time, and sleep efficiency high.

At the same time, extra absorbent diapers can reduce the burden of mothers and allow parents to rest and recover better. Therefore, doctors and parenting experts agree that when family economic conditions permit, it is recommended to use diapers for babies at night to help babies get better of sleep.

2. Will wearing diapers cause children's "O" legs

Babies can't keep their legs together in diapers, will it make the baby "O" shaped legs? In fact, babies before the age of 2 have more or less "O"-shaped legs, which is related to the position of the fetus curled up in the mother's body.

After the age of 2, it will gradually correct itself, but the main cause of rickets "O"-shaped legs is the lack of bone calcium and premature weight bearing, which requires a doctor to combine clinical and various examinations to diagnose.

3. Will diapers make the baby red ass?

The diapers produced by regular manufacturers who strictly control the quality will not cause the baby to have red buttocks. The real reason is that the diapers are not replaced in time, and the baby is not cleaned in time after defecation. The baby's skin is very delicate, and prolonged urination and defecation irritation will make the baby's skin red.

Therefore, parents should frequently change the baby's diapers, wash the excrement in time, and wash the baby's buttocks with warm water to keep the butt dry and clean.

4. Will always wearing diapers affect the baby's self-defecation?

Many elderly people think that the baby will urinate and urinate freely in the diaper, and will also urinate and urinate freely in the future. This is really not to worry about. The baby just does not have the ability to control the urination and defecation.

When the baby reaches the age of 18-24 months, the consciousness of defecation will appear. At this time, the child can be toilet trained, and the baby will gradually wean off the baby diapers.

However, some babies do not have the consciousness of defecation until they are 2 and a half years old. Parents should not be too anxious. Generally, we recommend training with full pull up diaper at around 2 years old, not too early.

After solving the above doubts, Dad said with emotion: diapers are really the greatest invention in the world, and there is no need to wash diapers anymore!

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