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Does Wearing Diapers for a Long Time Affect Physical Development?

Diapers have good water absorption and good air permeability. Baby diapers can be thrown away after use, which is simple, convenient and fast. Because of these advantages, baby diapers are becoming more and more popular. Contact us for diaper wholesale supplier.

Although diapers have many advantages, parents are also worried that wearing diapers for a long time will affect physical development? In fact, with the growth of the baby's age, as long as the baby sends out these 6 signals, it means that you can no longer wear baby diapers.

So let's discuss first, what are the so-called hazards of baby diapers, and when can babies stop wearing diapers?

Ⅰ. The harm of some so-called baby diapers

1. Does the child's O-shaped legs affect the child's leg shape?

We all hope that our children will have long, straight legs when they grow up, but if the baby wears diapers and there is a mass of things pressing on the crotch, it will affect the baby's leg shape, and the baby will become O-shaped legs in the long run.

In fact, the baby's legs are constantly developing and growing. The baby's legs are actually O-shaped legs from birth, a bit like frogs.

As the baby grows, the baby's legs will become longer and straighter, and the baby diaper is very soft, so the baby's leg shape has nothing to do with the diaper.

2. Does the high temperature of diapers affect reproductive function?

Many people worry that diapers are not breathable because they are absorbent, so the temperature of diapers is high, especially for boys, the high temperature will affect the quality of sperm.

The air permeability of diapers on the market is strictly regulated. As long as it is a qualified product, there is no need to worry about the air permeability. In addition, the age of the baby using diapers, the baby's reproductive system has not yet developed, so there is no need to worry about affecting fertility.

Ⅱ. When can babies not use diapers?

As long as the baby at home sends out these six signals, you can exercise your baby to go to the toilet.

1. The baby shows interest in the toilet.

2. The baby at home can understand simple instructions.

3. When babies want to pee or poop, they will take the initiative to tell adults that they can stop wearing diapers.

4. When the baby sleeps, he can insist on not urinating for 2 hours.

5. The baby walks neatly and even runs.

6. The child can sit quietly.

Wearing baby diapers for a long time has no effect on the baby's physical development. Parents should not be too hasty about the baby's toilet exercise.

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