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Features of Maternity Pads and Precautions for Use

Maternity pads are a kind of special sanitary napkins for maternal who will have lochia after birth and at the stage of easy infection, therefore the requirement for sanitary napkins is much higher than ordinary days.

So maternity pads are specially designed for delivery women and meet their demands. Then what are the characteristics of maternity pads and precautions for use? 

I. Characteristics of sanitary pads after deliverys

1. Sanitary pads after delivery can reduce the rate of maternal allergy, the soft texture can reduce wound and prevent after birth infection, skin contact will not lead to allergy or other toxic reaction, and reduce pain after birth to the maximum.

2. The texture of maternity pads is light and brings no burden to delivery women.

3. The structure is made by combination of easy to use and safety need.

4. Different from common sanitary napkins, maternity pads can deal with lochia at different stage.

5. Maternity pads are disinfection products and can be used securely.

II. Precautions for use of maternity pads

1. When using maternity pads, delivery women shall replace the dirty nursing pads on time to keep the skin dry and clean.

2. Before replacing nursing pads, delivery women shall clean both hands to avoid bacterial infection.

3. Those delivery women, who are allergic to non-woven and wood pulp, cannot use maternity pads. If the skin feels uncomfortable, please stop using maternity pads and consult doctor.

4. Maternity pads cannot be used together with heating appliances such as electric blanket, etc.

5. Maternity pads cannot be stored in hyperthermal and humid environment, and shall avoid sunlight.

Therefore, mothers shall prepare maternity pads before delivery and use them immediately after birth, which makes cleaning much easier.

Besides, mothers shall choose products made by formal manufacturers, and replace on time during usage to avoid bacterial infection.

III. Difference between maternity pads and puerperium pads

Many articles shall be prepared after birth. Maternity pads and puerperium pads are necessary for delivery women.

After birth, put the pads under body, and the function is unique. But many delivery women don't know the difference between maternity pads and puerperium pads.

Maternity pads are a bit different from hospital maternity pads. Both are used under the body of delivery women, with the basic purpose.

Since they are private articles, please choose carefully and use the products of good quality.

Please buy those in big sizes because of lochia. Clothes or quilts will become dirty for small size.

So, try to buy maternity pads in big sizes to keep good personal hygiene. Big pads can also absorb lochia better.

There are many brands of maternity pads and puerperium pads. Please choose products of big brands for good quality and good enough materials. Inquiry sanitary napkins bulk directly from sanitary pads manufacturers in China.

The materials of big brands will not affect maternal body or skin. Therefore, please select maternity pads of big brands for reliable quality, which delivery women can use safely. 

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