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How can you tell when the baby needs to change his diaper? Moms just need to pay attention to these four things

When should baby's diapers be changed? Presumably this is the confusion of many new mothers. Some people think that they should change their baby's diapers every 2 hours according to diaper wholesale supplier.

1. Time for changing diapers

The easiest way to change the baby's diaper is to judge the time of the last diaper change. If it takes a long time, more than two hours, the mother can check the baby's diaper.

Even if the baby does not pee, you should check it, because if the baby diaper is thick, the baby's butt is likely to be covered with prickly heat. At this time, the mother needs to replace it to let the baby's skin breathe.

The usage time of different diapers is different. Mothers should choose light, breathable and more absorbent diapers for the baby. Choosing the right diaper for your baby can make mothers a lot easier.

2. Judging from the baby's expression that the diaper needs to be changed

If the baby urinates or stinks, the mother can tell from the baby's expression. If the baby's eyes are blurred and the face is in a dazed state, it is very likely that he is urinating or stinking.

The mother needs to pay attention to the baby's small expressions in time, and replace him with new diapers in time after he stinks, otherwise the baby will be uncomfortable when playing, and the butt will be stuffy all the time, which is not good for the baby's skin.

3. The baby's action judgment needs to change the diaper

It can also be seen from the baby's movements that it is time for the baby to change diapers. If the baby is obviously a little stiff when walking, and will touch his diaper with his hands, it is probably already stinky.

Or the baby is struggling in your arms, or it may be because the baby's diaper is dirty, and the mother should check the baby in time.

If the diaper is dirty, change organic pull up diapers in time. Because dirty diapers will breed bacteria when worn for a long time, which is unsanitary for the baby's private parts.

4. The temperature of diapers

Normal diapers have no temperature, but if the baby stinks, the diapers will become warm. If the mother feels a little warm when the diapers are touched, it may be that the baby stinks.

The mother should always pay attention to the temperature of the baby's diaper, and help the baby to change the dirty diaper in time, so that the baby can play easily and comfortably, so that the mother will feel more at ease. 

It is necessary to change the baby's diaper in time, because the dirty diaper is not only uncomfortable to wear, but also breeds bacteria, which is very unhygienic. Mothers can usually pay more attention to the above points and change the environmentally friendly disposable diapers in time.

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