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How to Choose Adult Diapers to Make the Elderly Comfortable and Family at Ease?

Currently, there are many products for the elderly in the market. Among them, the adult diaper or adult dry pants has got a lot of attention from the elderly, especially those with incontinence.

However, in terms of various adult diaper types on the market, which one has good quality and is easy to use? How to make it more affordable?

The elders diaper is currently in great demand by the elderly in the market. Therefore, the manufacturers and brands of adult diapers are also increasing, including international brands and Chinese brands.

It is difficult for the elderly to choose the comfortable adult diapers from various diapers.

1. What should the elderly pay attention to when choosing the napkins for old age?

(1) It is necessary to pay attention to whether the leak-proof design of the diaper is safe. Since adults have a lot of urine, the leak-proof design of the diaper can effectively prevent leakage from large urine volumes.

The old people diapers is ergonomically designed with three-dimensional anti-leakage protection. There is a triple anti-leakage system formed by the adult diaper, the anti-leakage elastic leg circumference and the new PE film, which has a good effect of preventing side leakage.

(2) It is necessary to choose a soft and non-allergenic diaper that has skin-care ingredients and the  adult diapers for sensitive skin will be good choice. At the same time, it is also very important to choose a diaper with high air permeability. Especially in hot summer, if the moisture and heat cannot be properly released, the elderly are easy to have heat rash and eczema.

(3) The custom adult diaper with good water absorption can keep the elderly skin comfortable and dry. It is necessary to choose well-known imported brands' absorbent beads for the adult diaper, which can lock water for a longer time and there is no back leakage. Adult diaper with imported native fluff pulp has a fast absorption speed.

2. The combination use of the pampers for old age is more cost-effective

There are many brands of adult diapers on the market. You can find a suitable diaper for old age person by understanding the brands, product characteristics and user experience.

Nowadays, professional diapers for elders enterprises have different product series, and a series of diaper for senior citizens products are more suitable for use, which is cost-effective.

(1) Normal elderly: old people diapers + built-in diaper

It is recommended for the elderly to use the adult diaper with the whole series of built-in diapers so that the elderly can directly replace the built-in diaper after use, which is healthy and comfortable, and it also saves money.

(2) Semi-disabled elderly: diaper + straight shape diaper + nursing pad

It is recommended to use the three combinations of the adult diaper, the straight shape diapers and the nursing pad during the day and night, which is more scientific. For the old people in diapers who can move independently, they should use the whole series of the adult diaper and the built-in diaper during the day, and they should use the whole series of the built-in diaper at night.

(3) Disabled elderly: adult diaper + built-in diaper + nursing pad

It is recommended to combine the adult diaper, built-in diaper and the nursing pad for the disabled elderly during the day. Since the urine volume decreases at night, they can only use the geriatric diapers with a nursing pad.

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