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How to Choose Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are diapers for adults, and their audiences are mainly elderly or adults with limited mobility, paralysis, or incontinence. There are also some for those who are inconvenient to go to the toilet due to long hours of busyness.

1. Instructions for purchasing the adult diaper

When purchasing adult diapers, in addition to considering the amount of incontinence and the function of the diaper, you must also understand the needs of the user. Then select the appropriate model according to the data obtained from the test, because whether the adult diaper matches the user is also very important.

For people with mild urinary incontinence but easy to move, a changing pad (similar to a large tampon) can be used with special underwear. In this way, the patient's movement will not be affected, and the traces will not be easily seen after putting on the coat. For those with mild incontinence but limited mobility, they can choose cheaper adult diapers with moderate urine capacity, because these users do not need to use models with high urine capacity but need to change frequently, so this type of model is more suitable.

For those with severe incontinence but easy to move, it is better to choose adult diapers that have a large amount of urine, have leak-proof folds and are not easy to leak.

2. Industry norms for the adult diaper

In order to regulate the sanitary products, improve the technical level of manufacturers, and provide consumers with a safer and more comfortable nursing experience, China has now issued industry-related national standards (GB/T28004). The various values in the production of adult diapers are specified with clear figures: the main permeability of adult diapers is that the slippage volume is not more than 30 ml, the re-seepage volume is not more than 20 grams, the leakage volume is not more than 0.5 grams, and the pH value is required to be within Between 4.0 and 8.0, the delivery moisture is not more than 10%. The promulgation of this standard provides guidance and constraints to the production of adult diapers to a certain extent.

3. The significance of the existence of the adult diaper

The aging population will undoubtedly become the biggest driving force for the development of the adult diaper industry. Just like the long-term production philosophy of Time and Tianhe: We provide incontinence care solutions, not just sell incontinence care products. While paying attention to the development of the adult diaper industry and working to make it more perfect, how to provide a more convenient and comfortable living environment for the elderly incontinent and adults who cannot take care of themselves may be the issue that we need to think more seriously.

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