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How to Wear Baby Diapers for a Baby

In the new era, dads will be able to flush milk, change baby diapers, and coax their babies. But some new dads don’t know how to prepare milk powder. Not to mention, they can wear baby diapers for their babies! Next, we will teach dad how to wear baby diapers for babies.

Ⅰ. Put the baby on the bed or couch and wear the baby diaper

The baby is a curious and active, so it is best to wear baby diapers in a wide and flat place, and it is best to give the baby a small toy to attract the his attention.

Ⅱ. Tear the diaper and distinguish the front from the back of the diaper

Even many novice mothers can not distinguish the front from the back of the diaper, let alone the novice dads.

Unfolding the baby diaper, we can see the waist part of the baby diaper. The elastic, waist-attached, and stretchable part is the back. The part with no elasticity and no waist stick is the front.

Ⅲ. Hold up your baby's butt and place the diaper under it

This is definitely a skilled job! If it is a baby, the father can use one hand to control the baby's two small feet, then gently grasp them, lift the baby's butt, back of the extra absorbent diapers under the butt.

Lay down your baby's foot and butt and put the other side through your baby's legs.

Ⅳ. Spread out and paste baby diapers

Stretch and straighten the upper part of the baby's stomach, straighten the side under the fart, tear the magic tape on both sides of the waist of the baby diaper, stick to the baby diaper at the upper of the stomach, pay attention that the waist is not tight.

Ⅴ. Fondle the side of the leakage prevention of the baby diaper with your finger

In order to ensure that the baby diapers not leak, we should use your fingers to fondle the side of leakage prevention of the baby diaper, let the baby diaper leakage prevention side stand up so as to effectively prevent the leakage of the baby diaper.

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