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Baby Pull Up Diaper

Pull-up diapers mainly include disposable pull up diapers and cloth pull up diapers that can be washed and used repeatedly.
Baby Pull Up Diaper

The biggest advantage of disposable baby pull-up style diaper is that it is convenient and hygienic. The baby can be replaced immediately if it is soiled. It does not require parents to laboriously clean it, and it can also reduce bacterial infections. The advantage of organic cloth pull up diaper is that it can make the baby feel "wet" in time, and it is closer to ordinary baby underwear, so that the baby will have a kind of "grow up" and no longer wear a diaper. The baby’s feeling is relatively better for potty training. But the disadvantage of brara pants is that they need to be cleaned, and sometimes the baby may be wet and the parents did not notice in time, and there will be more bacterial infections and hygiene problems.

Best Types of Tianhe Baby Pull Up Diapers

Differences between Diapers and Baby Pull Ups

Compared with baby diapers, baby pull up is a transitional product between baby diapers and baby underwear. It is more suitable for older babies who have excretion awareness and can take off their pants by themselves. The most obvious difference between diapers and pull-up pants is that there is no elastic at the waist, and the other is elastic. The bonding part of the diaper is on the lower abdomen, while the bonding part of the pull-up pants is on both sides of the thigh.

Using Baby Pull Up Diapers for Potty Training

The general structure of disposable pull-up diapers and baby diapers are the same, but they will be designed to be lighter, thinner, breathable, comfortable, and convenient for the baby to move.

The style of pull up diaper is similar to ordinary baby underwear, but the design will take into account the situation that the baby may not be able to control peeing at any time during potty training. The pull up diapers are usually made of waterproof material, or they add an absorbent layer inside the underwear for potty training.

Specification of Tianhe Newborn Pull Up Nappies

Tianhe newborn pull up diapers can be said to be very suitable for babies with sensitive skin. They do not contain any bleaching agents or fragrances. They use FSC certified environmentally friendly materials, which are also very absorbent and can keep them dry for a long time. It’s easy to distinguish the front and back, and the cartoon design is also super cute.

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