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Proper Use and Selection of Maternal Sanitary Napkins

Ⅰ. How to correctly use maternal sanitary napkins?

Although maternal sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins are similar, there are significant differences in their essence.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the difference between ordinary sanitary napkins when using of them. After all, the body of postpartum mothers is very different from the usual physical state. So they may need sanitary pads after delivery rather that usual ordinary sanitary napkins.

Sensitive skin is easy to be infected by bacteria, leading to allergies and other phenomena, so using sanitary pads for new moms should have the correct method.

First of all, the most important thing for pregnant women to pay attention to is cleanliness and hygiene when using maternal sanitary napkins. Generally speaking, maternal sanitary napkins are used together with sanitary pants for puerperal use.

In the process of use, mothers should replace maternal sanitary napkins frequently to keep them dry and reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Because maternal physical strength decreases after delivery and the resistance is weak, at this time the use of clean and safe sanitary napkins is very necessary. Postpartum perineum skin is highly sensitive, and improper care is easy to infection.

Moreover,  the mother should use soft sanitary napkins, because the mother has a wound on her body after birth. If the sanitary napkin is of poor quality, it will also affect the wound.

So mothers should ask themselves and determine whether they can use maternal sanitary napkins. In addition, pregnant women should combine their own situation and use different types of sanitary napkins in different time periods, so that their body is in the most comfortable state.

In addition, in the process of use, we should pay attention to air permeability. Do not put sanitary napkins too close to the wound, which is easy to cause wound infection.

Ⅱ. Purchase skills of maternal sanitary napkins wholesale

The checking methods of the quality of maternal sanitary napkins include the material, brand, design, type, and size, production date, disinfection, sanitation degree, etc. When choosing maternal sanitary napkins, we need to pay attention to many aspects:

1. In terms of material, maternal sanitary napkins like ordinary sanitary napkins are divided into the soft and dry mesh. Due to the different physical qualities of each person, the feeling of sanitary napkins will be different.

Some people feel that the net surface is dry, some will feel that the net surface and skin contact is uncomfortable, some even will be allergic to the medical sanitary napkin. So we should choose the most suitable for our own species according to our actual feelings.

2. Choosing a good brand is also key. In the last point, we introduced the better brands of maternal sanitary napkins, and the formal brands are in place in every detail.

Therefore, when expectant mothers have no way to judge, it is recommended to choose the high-end brand of sanitary pads with negative ion strip for new moms. Because these products' quality can be assured.

3. Choose a design that suits you: Each brand has a different design for its products. There are different designs for different maternal sanitary napkins. Carefully observe different styles and choose their own comfortable design.

4. Use different types and sizes in different periods: There are three types of maternal sanitary napkins, which are large, medium, and small. When buying sanitary napkins, it is generally recommended to buy all three types, and use the different types in different periods, so that pregnant women can achieve the most comfortable state.

5. Pay attention to the production date and effective date: The preservation period of maternal sanitary napkins is not very long, so we should care about the production date and do not buy maternal sanitary napkins that are about to expire. After all, it will take time for the mother to give birth to a child.

Tianhe sanitary napkins bulk has many choices to choose from. Sanitary napkin for heavy flow, sanitary pads with fragrance and ultra thin napkin.

In short, we should pay attention to many problems when choosing and buying, and must not buy problematic maternal sanitary napkins.

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