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Sanitary Napkins Are Not Breathable, the Consequences Are So Serious!

Women will be embarrassed for a few days every month, and always feel uncomfortable with sanitary napkins. What can I do? In those days, women's immunity and resistance will be greatly weakened.

If the sanitary napkin is not breathable enough, in addition to making women feel uncomfortable, it is easy to breed bacteria, causing all kinds of embarrassing gynecological diseases and other symptoms.

Ⅰ. Sanitary napkins are not breathable, these 3 diseases will find you!

1. Vaginal inflammation

The sanitary napkin on the menstrual period is like adding a compartment. If the sanitary napkin is not breathable, it will make it more difficult for the private parts to "breath".

During menstruation, the private parts are wrapped in layers, and it is easy to form a warm and humid environment due to the sultry heat and lack of ventilation, providing a growth environment for bacteria and germs to multiply.

Once the vaginal environment is out of balance, it is easy for bacteria such as Candida and Trichomonas to invade, thereby causing vaginal inflammation.

2. Odor + itching

Some sanitary napkin bottom films are made of airtight plastic film, which is easy to make women's private parts hot and humid, and produce peculiar smell. Especially for some women with allergies, airtight sanitary napkins are prone to skin itching.

3. Eczema

Under normal circumstances, women will reduce the amount of exercise during menstruation, often in a sitting state, and sanitary napkins are always "intimate contact" with private parts.

If you use an airtight sanitary napkin, it is like putting a raincoat on your private parts, which hinders the diffusion of moisture, easily leads to eczema, and makes the skin itchy and unbearable.

Ⅱ. What are the hygiene products?

1. Daily chemical products (hand sanitizer, laundry detergent)

2. Women's menstrual hygiene products (sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, tampons);

3. Excrement hygiene products such as diapers [diapers, diapers (pads, paper), diaper pads];

4. Skin and mucous membrane hygiene products (wet wipes, sanitary wipes);

5. Contact lens care products (contact lens care solution, contact lens preservation solution, contact lens cleaner);

6. Gynecological hygiene products (ladies anti/bacteriostatic lotion, vaginal lotion)

7. Other disposable hygiene products (paper towels, sanitary napkins, cotton pads/paper/towels, hand/finger cots, masks, paper tableware, condoms)

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