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Six Precautions for Using Female Sanitary Napkins

1. Wash hands before using sanitary napkins

The process of unpacking, opening, smoothing, and sticking female sanitary napkins by hand will bring germs to the sanitary napkin. Sanitary napkins directly contact the skin of women's vulva, and menstruation is a period when women's resistance is low. The anion chip napkin will be good choice for women. A little carelessness can easily lead to infection or gynecological diseases.

2. Do not keep female sanitary napkins in the bathroom for a long time

Actually, this is very unsanitary. Generally, female sanitary napkins are made of non-woven fabrics, which are fibrous materials. When wet, the materials deteriorate, and bacteria are easy to invade and multiply.

The unpacked sanitary napkin should be placed in a dry and clean place, and the sanitary napkin should not be used after being damp.

3. Pay attention to the validity period of sanitary napkins

Nowadays, there are many categories of female sanitary napkins, and manufacturers produce sanitary napkins with various characteristics to meet the needs of female.

Sanitary Pads With Fragrance

Sanitary pads with fragrance is ultra thin-more comfortable and convenient. The ultra thin core makes this sanitary pad incredibly comfortable and light Green tea flavour provide odor-free protection.

Napkin For Heavy Flow

Napkin for heavy flow has anion function chip and  its absorption more than  150ml.  Sanitary napkin for heavy flow ultra thin is more comfortable and convenient.

Soft Sanitary Napkins

Soft sanitary napkins, ultra-thin, comfortable and convenient. It uses the super SAP and fluff pulp core, High and rapid absorbency gives you safety environment.

In fact, the hygiene requirements of female sanitary napkins are very strict. The closer to the production date, the more guaranteed the quality. Sanitary napkins wholesale are sterile by high-temperature disinfection. After all, the validity period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited, and there is no guarantee of sterility after the expiration date.

If female sanitary napkins are stored for too long, they will deteriorate and become contaminated even if they are not opened. Therefore, when using female sanitary napkins, we must pay attention to the expiration date. Sanitary napkins should not be purchased too much at one time, and they are not suitable for long-term storage at home.

4. Do not often buy promotional and new-produced sanitary napkins

Generally speaking, promotional items may be unsalable products handled by merchants, and the quality is difficult to guarantee.

5. Do not often use chemical sanitary napkins with medicine or fragrance

Doctors discourage the use of scented pads because scented ingredients don't mean cleanliness. Medicated sanitary napkins should be used with caution. Drug sanitary napkins may play a role in the cleaning of female genitals and the prevention and treatment of various gynecological diseases to a certain extent and extent. But not everyone is suitable for using this, because people's physiques vary greatly, and some people will be allergic to certain substances and experience genital itching instead.

Therefore, no matter what kind of medicated sanitary napkins you use, you should pay attention to your own reactions and feelings. Women who are usually allergic should be cautious or not use medicated sanitary napkins.

6. Don't just use sanitary napkin for heavy flow

For their own convenience, many women often use sanitary napkin for heavy low with a large amount of absorption, which is not recommended. Failure to replace female sanitary napkins for a long time will result in poor local ventilation, resulting in the proliferation of bacteria and various gynecological diseases.

Therefore, it is better to change the frequency of the sanitary napkin more frequently than to use only the sanitary napkin with high absorption capacity.

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