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The Development and Application Methods of Sanitary Napkins

I. Introduction of sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are a kind of material with absorbency. Its main texture is spongiform pulp and macromolecular absorbent, to absorb menstruation from vagina during female menses.

Tianhe sanitary napkins bulk has many choices to choose from. Sanitary napkin for heavy flow, ultra thin napkin and sanitary pads with fragrance.

II. Development of sanitary napkins

1. Nurses invented sanitary napkins.

Before invention of sanitary napkins, women had to bear the rough days during menstruation, and be very careful when lying, sitting, standing and walking.

During World War One, those American nurses, who served in France and wore light white coat, were pioneers of modern occupation.

Even during menstruation, they still wanted to keep the elegance, agility and capability, so they made a bold attempt on menstrual supplies: the earliest sanitary napkins were made by bandage plus medical cotton.

The invention of sanitary napkins was no doubt great, and had epoch-making significance. Therefore, it was honored as one of Ten Inventions that Influenced Mankind in 20th Century.

Since sanitary napkins came out, they became the sworn friend of women. It is said that the advertisement of the first disposable sanitary napkins was promoted by American bandage manufacturer.

2. A good husband invented sanitary napkins

In 1550 BC, in Egypt, soft cloth was put into vagina to avoid pregnancy. Specialist inferred that the soft cloth was also used for menstruation. That probably was the first generation of colleen sanitary napkins as far as we know.

The modern version of sanitary napkins was invented by an American man who loved her wife very much. He discovered by accident that long cotton pad, which was made by soft cloth wrapping clean cotton fiber and absorbent pulp, could reduce his wife's pain and inconvenience during menses.

This kind of cotton pad became popular from the 1940s in American and European countries, and developed gradually into manufacturing by disposable material.  Inquiry sanitary napkins wholesale.

FJTianhe has four types of sanitary napkins bulk, They are anion chip sanitary napkins, sanitary napkin for heavy flow and fragrance sanitary pads.

III. Application methods of sanitary napkins

1. One kind of sanitary napkins is long and two sides have no ears. Tear the packing bag, get and expand sanitary napkin, remove the tape on reverse side (this tape is to avoid adhesion of packing, without other usage, and can be throw away), stick the glue side on underpants, then sanitary napkin is put well.

2. Another kind of napkins has long middle and each ear on both sides. Open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, remove the middle tape, stick the glue side on the middle of underpants, and aim two ears at the narrowest part of underpants. Tear off the little sticker on back of left ear, fold back the ear from the left narrowest side and stick it onto underpants' front, and then tear off the sticker on back of right side.

Fold back the right ear from the right narrowest side and stick it onto underpants' front. Because of glue on bottom of sanitary napkin plus fixation from two sides, the sanitary napkin is sticked onto underpants' bottom firmly and will not move during activities.

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