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The Difference Between Maternal Sanitary Napkins and Ordinary Sanitary Napkins

Many expectant mothers will not be able to distinguish some maternity products from ordinary products when they are pregnant for the first time. If the difference between these products is confused, it will mislead expectant mothers into thinking that there is no difference between maternity products and ordinary products, which will cause harm to the expectant mothers' bodies.

Ⅰ. What are the differences between sanitary pads for new moms and ordinary ones?

Many people don't know that postpartum women have wounds that are sensitive and painful. Also, the discharge of lochia is more likely to make the mother-to-be infected. There is also a maternal fear of covering the wound. If it is a sanitary napkin with poor ventilation, it is easy to cause wound infection.

Many expectant mothers buy ordinary extended sanitary napkins without knowing enough about sanitary products, thinking that they can cope with excessive lochia.

But in fact, it is not. Maternal sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins have many differences in addition to the difference in absorption. Therefore, it is generally recommended that mothers can use special maternal sanitary napkins to achieve better results.

Relatively speaking, maternity sanitary napkins are wider than ordinary sanitary napkins and can absorb more lochia or secretions. In addition, maternity sanitary napkins are relatively soft and have good ventilation. It is very important that the sanitary napkins used by mothers have a bactericidal effect and can avoid causing infection.

Ⅱ. Are maternity sanitary napkins good?

Maternity sanitary napkins are specially developed for the sensitive period of maternity skin, which is special and necessary. Generally speaking, maternal sanitary napkins are one of the essential items for mothers before and after childbirth.

Because of the special condition of the mother's body, the mother needs to pay special attention to her own supplies. Sanitary pads for new moms have their own characteristics, including:

1. Maternal sanitary napkins are professionally sterilized. Maternity sanitary napkins have undergone strict quality inspection to achieve sterility, and the weight of each sanitary napkin is the same.

Because the improper use of postpartum sanitary napkins can easily lead to reproductive tract infections, it is necessary to use high-quality professional sanitary napkins for maternity.

2. The material of maternity sanitary napkins is relatively soft. The special soft sanitary napkins for puerpera is developed for the special physiological state of puerpera, and the material and design of puerpera have fully taken into account the needs of puerpera.

Maternal sanitary napkins are relatively soft and have good ventilation effects, which are more suitable for the sensitive period of mothers and have a certain protective effect on wounds.

3. Maternal sanitary napkins wholesale have good absorbency. Maternity napkin for heavy flow are used to absorb lochia. After giving birth, the amount of lochia of the mother is usually relatively high, especially in the first three days. At this time, it is necessary to use a large maternity sanitary pads after delivery to prevent the occurrence of "side leakage".

4. The ventilation effect of maternity sanitary napkins is good. Because mothers have wounds after delivery, they need to pay great attention to ventilation. If the ventilation is not good, it will cause bacterial growth and wound infection.

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