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Three Suggestions in the Design of Adult Diapers

With the accelerating trend of population aging, the adult diaper industry has entered a period of rapid growth in recent years. However, among the many adult diaper products, the product quality is uneven.

Many adult diaper manufacturers are only competing on price and channels, and are in a relatively extensive development stage. From the perspective of long-term development, it is recommended that adult diaper manufacturers put people first in the design of adult diapers and pay attention to the following three points of product design.

1. Pay attention to the deodorant effect of adult diapers

Many adult diapers do not have a deodorizing effect, but the deodorizing effect is a point that the elderly are very concerned about. After all, what they worry about when they go out is the smell.

Many elderly people will have a psychological burden due to their own odor. In severe cases, they will feel inferior due to the odor of adult diapers and are unwilling to go out. There are also many brands that do a good job in deodorization, which effectively alleviates the troublesome urine, sweat, bad stool.

2. The absorption capacity of adult diapers should be large

For many elderly people with severe urine leakage, it is impossible to receive comprehensive care all the time. If the diapers selected at this time have insufficient absorption capacity, side leakage is likely to occur.

Side leakage will not only make the old man have to endure the unbearable humidity of the body, but also make the nursing staff frequently change clothes for the old man in the smelly breath, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the old man and the nursing staff.

Therefore, if adult diapers can absorb a large amount and prevent side leakage, such situations can be well avoided.

There is also the design of the urine display line, which is convenient for the nursing staff to replace in time. These quality designs are people-oriented and designed according to the special structure of the human body, which is very worth learning.

3. Adult diapers with high cost performance

As a long-term use product, adult diapers are a considerable expense to a certain extent for a family. Therefore, adult diaper manufacturers should consider the economic burden of consumers' families when producing adult diapers, and produce more cost-effective ones. product.

Nowadays, many services are beginning to focus on people-oriented. Starting from the needs of people, the design of adult diapers should be more like this. After all, the elderly also need our care just like children. Only in this way can the elderly have a good life in their later years.

Therefore, as a production-oriented enterprise, Times and Tianhe has been committed to contributing its own strength to our pension cause.

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