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Tips for Hospital Maternity Pads

There are many mothers giving birth in our country every day, which means every day there are many mothers who care about the issues before and after birth, such as hospital maternity pads and sanitary pads after delivery.

Ⅰ. What are the reasons for the popularity of hospital maternity pads?

We care about health more and more, care about comfort, and care about clean, so many expectant mothers do a lot of planning before they give birth, such as preparing some can make the production period more comfortable and healthy products – hospital maternity pad.

Ⅱ. How many hospital maternity pads do women need to prepare after childbirth?

Maternity pads are different from female sanitary napkins. Maternity pads mainly of rectangle or square, which look more like a piece of towel, and it is mainly used on the bed to avoid dirty sheets. It is hard to wash. Put the after birth pads on it, if it is dirty, just directly replace throw away, and don't need to back and forth cleaning the sheets, which makes it simple and quick.

The pads can be used from birth until the puerperium, as long as there is bleeding and lochia. According to a large package of hospital maternity pads there are ten nursing pad to calculate, if one day using a nursing pad, one bag can use for ten days, and maternal lochia is mainly concentrated in the front for a period of time, so a large package will be enough in normal circumstances. Of course, if it is in order for a rainy day, it can prepare two big packs, and prepare some sanitary pads again. And the negative ion core pads will be a good choice. Then, how to choose the maternity pads provided by many sanitary products suppliers is very important for mothers. Here are some suggestions as follow.

Ⅲ. How to choose the size of the hospital maternity pads?

Maternal pads have different specification. The small one size maybe 90*60, and the big one is likely 180 * 60. It is basically according to sleeping posture, and you can buy a big one with poor posture. If you can sleep through the night with one posture, you can buy a small one. You can choose the right size according to the demand of maternity negative ion pads If you buy too many, and if you have a baby at home, you can also put it on the bed at home. When the baby accidentally wetting the bed, it can also be used. That will not cost waste, and it also can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone.

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