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What's the difference between different diaper types?

For babies, diapers and nappies are similar. Of course, adults can also wear diapers, the difference is not very big. But the paper diapers and diapers should be used according to your own situation.

They are convenient for kids. It cannot be recycled and should be thrown away after using it once.

I . What's the difference between baby paper diapers and baby diapers?

One is disposable diaper. It is made of non-woven fabric, paper, wool pulp, high polymer absorbent resin and other materials. There are two kinds for children and for adults.

The newly developed environmentally friendly disposable nappies, which are made of raw materials extracted from corn fiber, soybean fiber or buckwheat fiber. It’s mainly used by infants and adults. Baby diapers are daily necessities for babies. Dry diapers can keep babies sleeping through the night. They are commonly known as "diapers" because of their strong water absorption.

Among them, super absorbent resin (polymer SAP for short) is an excellent material for making baby diapers. It is mainly made of starch and acrylic salt. The outstanding feature is the water absorption and storage capacity is surprisingly large.

Baby nappies affect the rest of the child. The development of the baby's brain depends on sufficient deep sleep time. If they wet and change nappies frequently, the baby's sleep is always in a light sleep state, and he will wake up from time to time, which affects the differentiation and proliferation of brain cells and you can use extra absorbent night time nappies.

II . What's the difference between pull ups and baby diapers?

Diapers are relatively common. The Characteristic is that there is a stick on the waist, which is suitable for children who can not express urine and defecation. Pull ups is a kind of triangular pants made of paper. It is more suitable for a little bigger baby to wear. It is best to pull down and put on their own. It is good to wear on summer.

Many mothers may think that pull ups are similar to baby diapers, and that diapers are just fine for their babies, and there is no need to change to pull ups.

Actually, there's a big difference between pull ups and diapers.

Although diapers and baby pull up pants may be the same in terms of dryness, softness and breathability, pull ups are more comfortable with a full range of elastic waist and legs, just like small underwear. They are more convenient to put on and take off. Pull it on and take it off by tearing both sides. It’s more intimate and comfortable.

Ordinary baby diapers are not only troublesome to put on and take off, but also seriously affect the baby's activities. Small and tight diapers are likely to worn out the skin on baby's inner thighs.

Therefore, even though eco friendly pull up nappies are as dry and soft as diapers, they are more suitable for active babies because they are easy to put on and take off just like underwear. It can let the baby move more freely.

When the baby grows up and can turn over and crawl, they are not willing to lie down and let the mother change the diaper. Therefore, the easy to put on and take off the pull up nappies come in handy.

Many mothers have heard of the name "pull ups" for a long time. The name is easy to remember make people associate the unique elastic waistline (no straps) of pull ups.

Pull ups diapers can not only absorb urine , but also have the function of ordinary shorts; Pull ups are easy to wear and make babies easy to move. They can help mom relieve fatigue and let baby learn to walk easily. Check infant pull ups, training pants for sensitive skin and absorbent training pants.

The magical elastic waistline contractility is strong and has no binding feeling. It is like fitted and comfortable underwear.

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