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Basic Knowledge of Sanitary Napkins for Women's Daily Use

Ⅰ. The significance of using sanitary napkins

The invention of sanitary napkins is of great significance to women. For women, for more intimate daily necessities such as sanitary napkins, they must choose safe care products that are suitable for their own conditions.

In modern society, there are a variety of sanitary napkins to choose from.

Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of OEM sanitary napkins, we take stock of the basic knowledge points of sanitary napkins that women use daily for your reference.

Ⅱ. Precautions for daily use of sanitary napkins

1. Pure cotton sanitary napkins mostly use non-woven fabrics or pure cotton surface layers extracted from cotton, which not only ensures that the product surface is soft and comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin, and moves freely.

Moreover, pure cotton sanitary napkins do not irritate the skin, and are more natural and gentle, but pure cotton sanitary napkins have less absorption and need to be replaced frequently.

2. The PE surface of the mesh sanitary napkin is designed with micropores, which can make the menstrual blood difficult to re-infiltrate and absorb well, and the mesh surface feminine sanitary napkin makes the user feel dry.

However, because the side design is often easy to rub the groin, it is easy to cause allergies, so those with sensitive skin should not choose the mesh surface.

3. Mini sanitary napkins or sanitary pads are small in size and easy to carry. They are suitable for the last day or two of menstruation, because the amount of menstrual blood in these days is very small, and it can almost be said that there is only a small amount of menstrual residues.

So at this time, it is enough to use mini female sanitary napkins or pads, it will not make you feel stuffy, and it is more comfortable to use, and you can hardly feel the existence of sanitary napkins.

4. Sleeping at night Due to factors such as turning over to lie on your side, changing sleeping positions, etc., using daily sanitary napkins will easily leak and stain on sheets or quilts.

The night-use sanitary napkins are designed to be longer, wider and thicker, and some can even prevent side leakage.

5. After the mother gives birth, the birth canal will secrete lochia. If it is a caesarean section, there will be wounds, which are sensitive and easy to pain, and prone to infection. If it is a sanitary napkin with poor ventilation, it is easy to cause wound infection.

Maternity-specific sanitary napkins are relatively more breathable, can absorb more lochia or secretions, and have a bactericidal effect to avoid infection.

The production of sanitary napkins requires a lot of labor resources and advanced productivity conditions. From the processing of raw materials to the assembly of finished products, many steps are required during the process.

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