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Key Points of Sanitary Napkins Wholesale

Sanitary napkins are commonly used sanitary products for women, and are hailed as one of the "ten great inventions affecting mankind in the century". In 1920, Kimberly-Clark of the United States applied the technology of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials to the production of sanitary napkins bulk and created the world's first sanitary napkin product for women. So far, sanitary napkins have been widely promoted and widely used as a product.

1. The deviation of the full length, width and strip quality of sanitary napkins wholesale

The size of the sanitary napkin deviation is mainly related to the accuracy of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the deviation of the full length and width can be controlled, and the deviation of the strip quality can be controlled, which is much higher than the standard requirements. Check our latest ultra thin sanitary napkins if you have any interests.

2. Water absorption sanitary napkins for heavy flow

The water absorption rate reflects the absorption capacity of the product, and is mainly related to the core material of the sanitary napkin. In order to increase the water absorption rate of the napkin for heavy flow, it is usually necessary to add an appropriate amount of polymer absorbent resin abbreviation to the absorbent core. Therefore, adding this material to the female sanitary napkins can not only increase the water absorption rate of the product, but also keep the sanitary napkin dry during use.

3. The penetration of sanitary napkins

The amount of penetration reflects the instantaneous absorption capacity of the sanitary napkin and can be used to measure the absorption rate of the product negative ion core pads.  The amount of penetration is mainly related to the surface material of the product. In order to improve the absorption rate of the soft sanitary napkins, materials with hydrophilic properties such as hydrophilic non-woven fabrics should be selected as the surface materials of lady soft sanitary pad.

4. The PH value of lady soft sanitary pad

Too high or too low pH will cause skin irritation. Since sanitary napkins are products made from a variety of materials through special mechanical pressing and cutting, their value is related to the constituent materials. In the production design, sanitary products suppliers must choose materials that meet the requirements.

5. The adhesive strengths of the glue on the back of comfy sanitary napkin

Adhesive strength of soft sanitary napkins must be moderate. The adhesive strength of the adhesive is too high, and the sanitary napkin is not easy to peel off from the underwear during use, and it may even cause damage to the clothes. If the adhesive strength of the adhesive is too low, the sanitary napkin will not stick firmly, and may even shift or fall off.

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