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Overview and Functions of Maternity Pads

Maternity pads are sanitary napkins used by women after birth. Generally speaking, there is much lochia for the first half of month after birth and extended sanitary napkins for night use at market are not enough, therefore special maternity pads shall be used.

Maternity pads are suitable for maternal during puerperium and women who taking abortion operation, induced abortion or gynecological operation. The packages usually mark main materials, so don't purchase those with allergic ingredients.

I. What are maternity pads?

Maternity pads are sanitary napkins for women after birth. Generally, after birth, there is wound in vulva, and maternity pads can relieve pain and prevent infection.

The difference between maternity pads and sanitary napkins are that most maternity pads are thick cotton, which are softer and bigger with higher absorption capacity.

Maternal will be suggested to prepare some maternity pads and some sanitary napkins, and choose according to former use condition and hobby during menses.

II. Functions of maternity pads

1. Reduce maternal pain

Maternity pads are softer than common sanitary napkins. After birth pads can take good care of mother's vulva after birth.

2. After birth pads can avoid bacterial infection

III. How to use maternity pads?

Maternal nursing napkins are maternity pads, having the same usage as common sanitary napkins, necessary personal sanitary napkins after birth. Large amount of lochia will flow out every day during the first half of month after birth, special maternal nursing napkins are necessary.

Maternity pads can help mothers avoid pain and allergic stimulation on wound, caused by chemical component, much impurity, easy fluff, big friction coefficient, easy separation and easy static electricity.

IV. What's the time to start using maternity pads?

Maternity pads are prepared for pregnant women awaiting delivery. Their main function is to avoid bacterial infection, therefore please purchase disposable maternity pads for the safety of pregnant women.

Then when use maternity pads? After birth pads are used from right the first time after birth to the whole puerperium when bleeding and lochia flow out. Besides the usage time, pregnant women shall pay attention to the following notes when using maternity pads:

1. Pay attention to guarantee period and don't use overdue maternity pads.

2. Maternity pads are disposable supplies. Carefully use those with broken package.

3. The packages usually mark main materials, so don't purchase those with allergic ingredients.

4. During using process, if allergic phenomenon happens, please stop using maternity pads immediately.

5. Maternity pads have size too. Please choose the right size for yourself.

Maternity pads are necessary for maternity package, therefore when preparing the package, pregnant women shall consider carefully suitable articles, application method and brands.

Only good preparation can avoid a last-minute panic during child birth. This is not only helpful for postnatal care, but also helpful for baby's healthy growth.

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