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Custom Adult Diaper Pants Wholesale

According to age and gender, we provide mens diaper pants and adult diapers for ladies.
Adult Diaper

According to the elders diaper pants size, we have XS adult diapers, adult diaper pants XL, mens diaper pants XXL, adult diapers for women xxl, super thick adult diapers, extra large overnight diapers, etc. According to the frequency of elders diaper pants use, we have best disposable diapers for adults. According to the specific diaper pants for old age, we have best incontinence diapers and best adult diapers for fecal incontinence. According to the users, we have diapers for disabled adults, diapers for bedridden patients and elders diaper for old age.  According to the performance pf diaper pants for old age, we also provide extra absorbent diapers for adults and leak proof diapers for adults. According to the use experience of diaper pants for old age, we produce adult cloth diapers and plastic pants.

Time and Tianhe adult sanitary pads, providing adult diaper care, is a disposable paper urinary incontinence product, which has the characteristics of simple use, sanitation, cleanness, softness and comfort. As a adult diaper factory, our adult diaper products can not only ensure that the user's body is dry and comfortable, pant diapers for old age prevent dirty sheets and mattresses, and eliminate the possibility of cross infection between users and between users and nurses. Time and Tianhe adult paper diapers also reduce the workload of medical staff and family members and avoid the pain of changing bed sheets every day. Pant diapers for old age are ideal products for hospital and family care.

Time and Tianhe adult diapers for sensitive skin is a primary sanitary product made of PE flow along membrane, non-woven fabric, fluff pulp imported from the United States and SAP polymer water absorbent resin imported from Japan. Compared with other products, Time and Tianhe adult paper diapers have a qualitative improvement in water locking ability, air permeability, elasticity and leak proof design.

At the same time, relying on the top production supporting facilities of nursing pads built for more than 10 years, Time and Tianhe adult diaper company from china, which is one of adult diaper suppliers, pant diapers for old age has an integrated supply chain with sales of more than 1 billion pieces per year. The whole line adopts world-famous raw materials, and all products have passed Swiss SGS certification, IS09001 management system certification, CE certification, fday certification, etc. Time and Tianhe adult paper diaper can effectively lock the odor and is not easy to reverse osmosis. It has been highly praised for its breathability and has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life.

As the best place to buy adult diapers, we offer different types of diapers for adults, such as adult diaper for travel, plastic backed adult diapers, hypoallergenic adult diapers, adult pocket diapers, etc. If you want to buy low cost adult diapers, please contact us.

Different Diaper Pants for Old Age

How to Pick the Best Pant diapers for Old Age?

The key to choosing adult diapers is to be wide, big and thick, like the extra thick adult diapers, otherwise it is easy to leak wet sheets. As the best adult diaper brand, Time and Tianhe adult diapers have high elasticity and side thickening, so as to avoid side leakage. For bedridden patients whose hands and feet can move by themselves, it is best to take off their pants and use better adult dry pants, and throw them away after use.

Specific users and methods: elders diaper pants for the elderly, and pregnant women or some patients may not be allowed to get out of bed when they are hospitalized, but their hands or one hand and feet can still move. When urinating at night, you can use paper diapers to solve it by yourself. Throw it into the trash can and clean it up by the cleaner at work during the day.

For those patients, who can not move by themselves, all in one cloth diapers for adults are the best choice.

As a adult diaper company, we offer different types of diaper pants for adults, and we are the cheapest place to buy adult diapers.

High Quality Diaper Pants for Adults Features

  1. Wellness adult diapers should be as easy to wear and take off as real underwear.

  2. Adult all in one diaper should be double cotton core absorber, of which the use area is thickened to increase the absorption scientifically;

  3. The unique funnel-shaped super instant absorption system can absorb urine moisture for up to 5-6 hours, and the surface is still dry.

  4. Comfy adult diapers should adopt high-quality fluff pulp, high-power water locking, comprehensive absorption and prevention of back seepage;

  5. 360 degree elastic and breathable waistline for comfortable fit and unrestricted movement.

  6. Comfy diapers for adults have cotton soft skin friendly surface layer, of which the part in contact with the skin adopts special soft fiber surface layer to protect the user's skin;

  7. Comfort diapers for adults can instantly absorb dry and efficient water locking factor, which can quickly absorb urine and ensure a dry experience;

  8. The most comfortable adult diapers should be double three-dimensional leak proof. Leak proof edge plus leak proof leg circumference, reduce side leakage and effectively solve the problem of urinary leakage, and that is the meaning of adult diapers.

Tianhe's Diaper Pants for Adults Specification

According to the national standard GB / t28004, the main permeability requirements of Chinese adult diapers are: the sliding permeability is no more than 30ml, the back permeability is no more than 20g, and the leakage is no more than 0.5g. Product deviation requirements: full length + / - 6%, full width + / - 8%, strip mass + / - 10%. The pH value of diapers for grown ups shall be between 4.0-8.0, and the delivery moisture shall not be greater than 10%. Diapers for special needs adults are divided into large, medium and small sizes according to different sizes. The range of waist circumference or hip circumference suitable for each specification is indicated on the product. Users can choose according to their body shape.

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