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Baby Diaper Wholesale Supplier

Different type of baby diapers of Tianhe mainly sells fourteen categories, like our best disposable cotton diapers for newborns and infant, eco-friendly disposable diapers, and waterproof nappies for babies. Each best type of diaper has its own characteristics. You can find what you need in Tianhe, bulk nappies wholesale and diaper wholesale supplier.
Baby Diaper

As private diaper wholesale supplier, we make the best affordable diapers meeting the following standards:

  1. For the thickness of the best kind of diapers, thin diaper is more comfortable to wear. Thicker diapers have more fluff pulp, which will not increase the absorption capacity of the diapers but will add the thickness of the diapers. The thicker the diaper, the more uncomfortable the baby will wear.

  2. Baby diapers are worn close to the baby's body, therefore, when choosing diapers, mothers must choose comfort diapers with strong air permeability even if the baby wears them all night, the baby will not feel stuffy and airtight.

  3. When choosing supplier diapers , it is recommended that mothers choose diapers with urine display. When the baby's diaper needs to be changed, the mother can tell at a glance with urine display, which is convenient for the mother to have the baby's diaper change in time.

  4. When purchasing bulk nappies wholesale, observe whether there is a standard number, an executive sanitation standard number, and a production license number of baby diaper supplier on the package. In addition to these official signs, mothers also need to pay attention to the production date and shelf life of diapers to avoid buying expired, inferior diapers.

Best Types of Bulk Nappies Wholesale

How to Pick the Right Tianhe Baby Diaper Size?

We recommend you to refer to the comparison table of diaper size and weight data. Also because of the different growth development of each baby, you can choose the appropriate wetness size according to your baby’s actual growth condition when you are diabetic. The purpose of overlapping kilograms is to meet the different body needs of babies.

Best Diaper for Baby Rashes Solution

Our best natural bio nappies are harmless to the skin of infants and young children, they can effectively preventing rashes because it is very soft and breathable, and the elastic design of the clothes diapers for baby can well wrap the baby's buttocks, which is close and comfortable. The front waist design also takes good care of the baby's belly button, which can ensure that the baby's belly button and its surrounding parts are exposed to air and kept dry.

Specification of Tianhe Baby Diapers

The baby diaper of NB size is suitable for newborn babies with a weight of 0-5kg, during this period, they need about 10 pieces a day, and the baby grows fast. It is recommended that you don't buy newborn baby nappie/diapers in bulk, just 1~2 packs; S size is suitable for babies of 3~6kg, it is appropriate to buy baby nappies according to your baby’s growth rate; M code is suitable for babies of 5~10kg. Please prepare baby diapers wholesale on demand. L code is suitable for babies of 9~13kg, and the growth of babies during this period is gradually slowing down, you can take advantage of the discount to buy diaper wholesale; XL code is suitable for babies above 13kg.

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