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Sanitary Wipes for Babies

Tianhe disposable baby care wipes mainly include baby wipes for sensitive skin, dry baby face tissue, alcohol free baby wipes and best baby wipes for newborns. These kind of product is soft and thick, has good permeability, which has sufficient water contents and good cleaning power. Tianhe baby bath wipes or any other bad additives to gain the best quality.
Baby Wipe

Tianhe Baby Safe Sanitizing Wipes

Cautions of Baby Safe Disinfectant Sanitizing Wipes

We need to pay more attention to the added ingredients of baby safe sanitizing wipes. We need to focus on observing whether there are the following sensitive and hazardous baby wipe carrier.

Fluorescent agent: Fluorescent agent is very harmful to the baby's skin;

Alcohol: It has an excellent bactericidal effect, but because it will quickly take away the moisture on the surface of the baby's skin and cause the skin to dry and crack, baby safe disinfection wipes  containing alcohol need to be used with caution, you need alcohol free baby wet wipes;

Fragrance: Although it can increase the fragrance of baby wipes, fresh scent baby wipes will increase the risk of baby skin allergies, unscented wipes for babies are safer.

Preservatives: Some baby wipes may be added with preservatives such as citric acid. Baby wipes without methylisothiazolinone is also preferred; formaldehyde is also a high-risk substance that causes leukemia and other malignant diseases.

Bleaching agent: This type of substance must not be added to baby products.

Antiseptic Baby Wipes Solution for Disease Prevention

Baby safe cleaning wipes mainly have the following two functions:

Cleaning: Baby tender wipes are mainly used to clean the baby’s face, mouth, hands, butts and other body parts, especially when going out. Because the baby’s skin is thin and tender, if it comes in contact with irritating substances when going out and dose not cleaned up with baby wash wipes in time, it may cause allergies, itching and other problems;

Moisturizing: Baby's skin is easy to lose moisture. Baby wipe tissues are rich in moisture, which can moisturize your baby's skin anytime and anywhere. Of course, many baby wipes now add moisturizing essences such as aloe vera and xylitol. Tianhe best baby disinfectant wipes have a pH value lower than 6 and have a 99.9% sterilization rate.

Specification of Tianhe Baby Care Safe Cleaning Wipes

When you buy sanitary baby wipes, the bigger and thicker baby wash wipes are better. Large and thick wipes can really save a lot of time and energy when dealing with various cleaning problems when the baby goes out;

The packaging of individually wrapped baby wipes must be well sealed, and the pumping must be smooth. The tightness of the package with a lid is definitely the best, so that it can prevent the moisture in the wet wipes from evaporating, and it can effectively prevent the entry of external bacteria. If you don’t even draw smoothly during use, you will have to re-plug the wipes every time you take out too many wipes, which increases the possibility of secondary contamination of the wipes;

The smell of the wipes is as small as possible. Baby wipes with a strong smell may have more additives, which may cause baby skin problems. Therefore, it is better to have no colorless and fragrance free baby wipes.

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