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Eco Friendly Disposable Diaper
DHC and Japan Quality, Super Absorbent

Eco friendly disposable diapers is the bio nappies that people buy the most, light and thin, not stuffy, the overall length is very good, long enough not easy to leak urine. The lightness of the first-class help is more excellent, and the water absorption is also superb, never sorry for the heap.
Eco Friendly Disposable Super Dry Diaper

Ecological Nappies Features

  • 3D easy dry non woven top sheet, it directly touch the baby skin, and make the baby more comfortable.

  • White ADL, help the urine quickly and evenly spread through the whole diaper.

  • Fluff pulp and SANDIA SAP absorbent core make diaper to absorb urine quickly.

  • Soft non woven 3D leak guard can avoid side leakage.

  • Magic tape, easy to wear.

Different Types of Eco Diapers


Bio Nappies Specification


Dimension (mm)

baby age

baby weight









2-6 month





7-12 month





12+ month



Biodegradable Newborn Nappies

Time & Tianhe is a top ecological diapers manufacturer. We have focused on manufacturing eco friendly diaper and toxin free diapers for many years. Want to find the most natural diaper brands and get bio nappies? Time & Tianhe is your best choice.

Sustainable Disposable Diapers

Sustainable diaper has the unique breathable system, selected for each layer of material, from the surface layer to the absorbent core to the bottom layer, layer by layer breathable, discharging hot and humid, sustainable diaper and eco disposable nappies let the little butt breathe freely.

Compostable Diapers

As the baby grows and the volume of urine increases, we have designed a compostable disposable diapers features unique suspended three-dimensional core especially for babies wearing large and plus sizes. Compostable disposable nappies do not only increases the speed and volume of absorption, but also allows you to adjust the width of the crotch, so that the baby can move freely.
Natural Organic Diapers

Natural Disposable Nappies

Diapers for baby skin selection, the fabric of natural disposable diapers is made of platinum registered cotton soft material, pearl embossed design, reducing the contact area of the skin, but also reduce the friction on the skin, absorbing urine more quickly. Natural disposable nappies breathability is very good, and the baby's bottom is dry after use.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers

Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
3D Spun bond Non woven

Use the 3D Spun bond Non woven as top sheet,easy dry and skin-friendly, give the baby gentle care,wouldn’t make the baby skin red.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
Absorption up to 650-1200ml

Ultra Absorbent Japan Core,Using SANDIA SAP,make sure the absorption can up to 650-1200ml, provide 12 hours protection.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
Breathable Cloth

Breathable Cloth like back sheet,makes your baby comfortable at all time.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
Waterproof Leak Guard

100% waterproof leak guard protection,don’t worry about the baby urine leaking again.

Ecological Diapers
Eco Baby Diapers
Eco Friendly Baby Diapers
Eco Friendly Disposable Diapers
Eco Friendly Diapers
Eco Diapers

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers, Eco Friendly Disposable Nappies FAQs

  • Q What Kind of Natural Disposable Nappies, or Biodegradable Diapers Brands do You Offer?
    Time & Tianhe is a professional eco friendly disposable nappies supplier, we manufacturer Eco friendly disposable diapers, biodegradable newborn nappies, compostable disposable diapers and natural organic diapers. With long standing manufacturing experience, Our toxin free diapers are of multiple benefits, quick dry and high absorption.
  • Q Are organic disposable nappies biodegradable and quick dry?
    Of all baby diapers, cotton diapers have the longest history. In modern times, there are many families who still consider cotton diapers to be the best choice for caring for their newborns. In addition to cotton diapers, similar products such as bamboo disposable diapers and medical fiber diapers are commercially available. Bamboo eco nappies' features are softer and more breathable, with natural antibacterial function, not easy to produce odor, easy to clean
  • Q Are sustainable diaper Better for the Environment?
    The eco friendly disposable nappies overall cost performance is good, not easy to leak urine. The surface layer of the eco friendly disposable nappies takes a dotted design with a bumpy and breathable soft dotted mesh layer that does not cling to the skin and keeps the air between the skin and the toxin free diapers in good circulation, ensuring that the little butt is dry and cool.
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