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Selection of Baby Diaper Nappies for Sale

1. How much are baby daiper nappies for sale ?

Nowadays we have a high standard of living, and our material needs rise accordingly, such as baby diaper is used for baby who is born.

Current market has baby diapers of various brands, and many mothers want to know how to choose the best thing for their babies, and the price of buying baby diapers in bulk.

Each mother is especially cautious for choosing baby diaper, first of all the brand, second the reasonable price from dozens of Yuan to hundreds of Yuan.

Furthermore, baby diaper supplier is different, model of baby diaper is different, so the price is different too. The model selection shall be determined by own situation.

The best baby diaper is the most suitable one, not the most expensive one. For example, baby diapers of some big eco friendly diaper brands are expensive, and some babies use them well, but some babies with allergies are not suitable.

Therefore, we shall choose relatively soft organic newborn nappies, skin-friendly and dry cotton baby sustainable disposable diapers which have good absorbency and no leakage.

Baby has very tender skin. Sometimes if baby diaper is used too long or has friction with baby skin, baby will have red buttock and even grow many little red measles.

2. Age for baby diapers from FJtianhe Diaper Supplier?

Ecological baby diaper provides convenience for mother who takes care of her baby, avoids discomfort from overdue replacement after wetting, and let parents look after baby more conveniently.

However, at proper age, baby diaper shall not be used. So, when shall a baby take off baby diaper?

Before one-and-a-half-year-old, infants cannot control their defecation ability due to incomplete development of urination system, so they need to wear baby diapers to avoid embarrassment. Pull Up Diapers for 1 Year Old Small Package Easy Dry is a good chioce for you.

But infants shall take off baby diapers during the day and have toilet training after one-and-a-half-year-old. At night, babies can wear diapers for the long bedtime.

Those babies, who are toilet trained before one-and-a-half-year-old, will master the whole skill until they are 4 years old. On the contrary, those, who are toilet trained around 2 years old, can go to the toilet by themselves only after one year.

The average age for the effect is around 2 and a half years old. Therefore, the proper time for toilet training shall be chosen in order to take off baby diapers.

After 3 years old, most children go to kindergarten and the teachers have no time for diaper replacement, so it's the best time to take off baby diapers.

Therefore, this is almost the same time for infants to say goodbye together to diapers. At night, it depends on whether baby will go to toilet and remind mother in advance.

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