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Shelf Life and Use Precautions of Sanitary Baby Wipes

Nowadays, baby wipes are becoming a necessary supplies for babies, because their function is very popular with novice parents. You can imagine that taking the baby out is a very troublesome thing. The baby wipes have saved a lot of novice parents. Sensitive skin baby wipes are easy to carry out, easy to use. It can be thrown away after wiping off, without having to be washed in the sun like towels.

Therefore, many novice parents love baby wipes very much, but when they buy wipes, many mothers will stock up on them in large quantities. Some mother often said, I stock the baby wipes a year for my baby. Can it really keep so long? How long is the shelf life of common wet wipes?

I. How long is the shelf life of sanitary baby wipes?

We should choose the baby wipes that have a brand, which has quality assurance. However, baby wipes will add moisturizing ingredients, which may affect the normal use of sanitary baby wipes because of the long time or storage location.

Baby wipes have a shelf life of one and a half to two years, even three years. But that's usually when it's unopened.

When we choose baby wipes, we should pay attention to the sealing of the product. The better the sealing, the longer the disinfection effect, and the longer the shelf life.

After opening, we should place a seal on baby wipes after each use and keep the wipes in a cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. A large package of wipes is usually 80 sores. Pay attention to the storage method of baby wipes. And usually they will not expire until all the wipes are used up.

Don't use open wipes that have not been used for a long time, especially if the seal is not firmly attached, Because it is most likely to have bred bacteria.

II. What should we pay attention to when using baby safe sanitizing wipes?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, many mothers also pay attention to the health of their babies in life, because the baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive, so they like to use baby safe sanitizing wipes for their babies instead of traditional towels.

Of course, there are many benefits for the baby using baby wipes, but we can not use too much for baby, otherwise it will be also harmful to the baby's skin. So today, let's teach novice mothers what should we pay attention to when using wet wipes for their babies.

Before trying a new brand, you can buy single piece first and use them on the back of your hand. If there is an obvious feeling of alcohol stimulation, there is no need to choose again.

1. Baby wipes do not dissolve in water. Do not throw them away in the toilet to avoid clogging.

2. Stop to use it and consult your doctor in case of wound, redness, swelling, pain or itching.

3. Keep them out of reach of baby's hands to prevent baby from ingesting sanitary baby wipes by mistake.

4. Please do not place it in high temperature and where the sunlight can shine. Be sure to close the seal after use.

5. Open the seal sticker when in use, and close the sticker when not in use to keep the soft wipes moist.

6. It is recommended to warm baby wipes up on or next to a heater before using them in winter.

7. To keep baby wipes moist. we should choose different types of wipes according to actual use.

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