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Six Points of Using Baby Diapers

For novice parents, many things about babies need to be learned slowly. Using sustainable disposable diapers for infants is one of them, which has a lot of knowledge.

Ⅰ. How do you know when to change the baby diaper?

Generally, a piece of diaper can be used for no more than four hours during the day. When you are not sure, you should pay attention to these times:

1. 15-30 minutes after each feeding, the baby's urine is likely to be discharged;

2. Before going to bed, you should check whether the baby's diaper is dry; After the baby wakes up, he will generally urinate;

3. Check your baby before you take him out.

Ⅱ. What are the tips for changing baby diapers?

When you change diapers for your baby, baby’s back should be slightly higher than his stomach to prevent urine from leaking from the back. When the baby wears the diaper, first you should fix the left and right sides, and then remember to adjust the ruffle of the waist and legs of the baby diaper.

In this way can not only avoid urine seepage, but also can avoid frills grinding the baby's delicate skin

Ⅲ. What should you do if the baby diaper hem scratch baby’s legs?

If this happens, you'd better take the baby to the hospital for an examination. You should keep the baby from scratching grinding part or it is easy get infected.

After the injury heals, you should be careful when putting the diaper on your baby. Pay attention that if the baby diaper folds are pulled out at the waist and legs.

But sometimes the size of diaper is too small may also scratch baby's legs, so it is necessary to change in time and use the right product, the organic nappies newborn is a good choice.

Ⅳ. Do one need to distinguish the difference of baby bio nappies between boy and girl?

When parents buy newborn nappies, someone will consider distinguishing between boys' and girls' diapers. This does not have the clear statement. It depends on on the parent's will. Because as long as the urine suction layer of ordinary baby diapers is longer, it will be very dry for both boys and girls after urinating.

Ⅴ. The baby diapers are not wet this time. Can babies continue to wear them next time?

I understand the parents' tangled mentality, but it's best not to use it. There are bacteria on the baby's skin left on the disposable baby diapers. It is not suitable wear again.

Ⅵ. How do you keep baby’s butt dry when he wears a diaper?

Each diaper should not be used for too long or it may cause diaper rash. Especially after the baby defecates, you should replace baby diapers for him immediately, which is very important to prevent red butt.

It's best to wash your baby's butt and wipe it clean every time before you change his bio nappies. And then, you can apply the baby with a thin layer of buttock cream. In this way, your baby's butt can stay dry.

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